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Our Story


Retrogcase is a retro gaming store with customers all around the world.

Retrogcase was founded by a group of nerds who love video games and retro games too. We aim to influence people with the best retro games and show the new generations how fun were games a few years ago.



We show our customers the nostalgia that retro games can bring to all of us.

Our products only have one mission: Bring back our best gaming memories.
We love the feeling of playing a retro game because it remembers us of our childhood... And those were our best times ever. That´s why our customers feel passionate about our products, because our vision is not about the games, is about the feeling of playing games.

The nostalgia that we feel when we play a retro game is priceless.



Our mission is to inspire grandparents, parents, and young people to share our vision with the new generations showing them that Retro Gaming is not from the past... Retro Gaming is from the present!


Bring back your best memories,

The Retrogcase Team    

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